About Ship Tech Services

Ship Tech Services, LLC provides maritime, environmental and industrial cleanup and consulting services throughout the Gulf Coast region. Our supervisors, foremen and technicians are some of the most experienced, safe and reliable nationwide; are committed to solving any clean-up challenge; and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.​

Ship Tech Services is a Louisiana limited liability company holding a Louisiana Commercial Contractor’s License (license #61499) with the specialties of: Hazardous Waste Treatment or Disposal; Industrial Cleaning and Material/Waste Handling; and Soft Abrasive Cleaning. Ship Tech Services also holds a LADEQ LPDES Surface Water Discharge Permit and a USCG Over-Water Transfer Permit.

Ship Tech Services, with its divisions ST Maritime Services, ST Environmental Services and ST Industrial Services, specializes in providing a variety of industrial, environmental and maritime clean-up services throughout the Gulf Coast region and nationwide. Ship Tech’s main office is located at 2529 Walkers Lane, Meraux, LA 70075, and its mailing address is PO Box 997, Madisonville, LA 70447.


Safety is our #1 priority.

No matter what project our experienced and highly trained managers, supervisors, foremen and technicians are working on, safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our Health & Safety Manager, Michael Ory, has over 26 years of experience and oversees all of Ship Tech's health, safety and training matters.

We are keenly aware of common hazards that our employees and independent contractors could be exposed to, including but not limited to, atmospheric, biological, physical, mechanical and chemical hazards. To combat these hazards, our team is trained to recognize potential issues; use the proper procedures and practices; recognize and report any adverse health effects; understand the physical signs and reactions related to exposures; and is meticulously trained on taking the appropriate emergency response procedures in a variety of situations. Importantly, having an internal structure such as that of Ship Tech Services, which efficiently and effectively deals with emergency situations if and when they arise is key to achieving our ultimate goal of a safe and accident-free workplace.


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